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Follow the instructions below on how to download software for your class:

Go to FileZilla, select your OS, wait for the download without clicking anything else;
or click here to download for Windows 10

Once downloaded and installed, click on the File - Site Manager or the highlighted icon below:


This will bring up the Site Manager. Click on New Site as shown:


For the site name put EngrRepository and fil out the following tabs under general as shown:


For Host: or

Port: 990

Protocol: FTP: File Transfer Protocol

Encryption: Require implicit FTP over TLS

Logon Type: Normal

User: Use your UTEP email address without the or, just your username.

Password: This is the same password as what you use to check your UTEP email.

Click connect.

You will see the following screen:


Select Always trust certificate in future sessions as shown above. Click OK.

Once you connect, you should see the Engineering department folders where you will be able to download the Engineering software: