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printing from your personal laptop

You can print files through a website, email, or a local printer queue while on the UTEP Wireless or with the VPN if from home.

Use MobilePrint to print files using a website that does not require the installation of drivers. You can also print by sending the file to for black and white or for color printing. You can find more information at UTEP Mobile Print

Use the Windows 7/8 printer driver to create a printer queue in your personal laptop. You can also download the PrintWhere driver from here. After installing the driver, run the PrintWhere Printer Manager by clicking on the icon in your desktop. Search for Keywords "UTEP", then select preferences and edit the Account Settings with your username and password. The name of the printer in the Control Panel is called "PrintWhere", you can change the name of the printer to "UTEP".

You can pick up your print-out from any keypad printer located all around campus.

Printers available in Engineering areas:
     Classroom building outside C205.
     Classroom building outside C305.
     Engineering building 2nd floor.
     Other available printing locations.