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Laptop Support

Antivirus Recommendation

Use Microsoft Essentials for Windows 7 or Windows Defender for Windows 8 with a web protector such as K-9 or OpenDNS.

Student Laptop Repair

Bring your personal Windows or Mac laptop to ETC to remove viruses, troubleshoot the hardware, reinstall the operating system, and/or install software. This service is at no cost while taking classes. it is preferred that you bring your laptop before the start of the semester.

Laptop Check-out

Laptops are available for classes only. Not available for research. The laptop can be checked out for a maximum of 4 hours. Only your UTEP ID is accepted to check out the laptop. A picture of your ID is taken for our records, then you can keep your ID while you use the laptop.

Sticky Spaces

Laptop friendly areas.


Monday to Thursday
8 AM - 7 PM
8 AM - 5 PM

Located between the Engineering and Classroom buildings on the 3rd floor in suite E351.

Phone: (915) 747-5223


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