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  • Students
    • Install software in the students personal laptops.
    • Setup and test software to maintain it available virtually for the students from MyDesktop.
    • Repair student personal laptops to keep them operational for the computer classes requiring laptops for the class.
    • Provide laptops for check-out to students for their classes and to complete assignemnts between classes.
    • Monitor printers in open areas in the Engineering Complex, and assist students with printing from their personal laptops.
    • Audio Visual equipment is available to the students for check-out, including speakers, projectors, and screens.
  • Faculty, Staff, and Research
    • Maintain PCs, Macs, and printers for the offices, conferences rooms, classrooms, and research labs.
    • Install software for offices and research computers.
    • Provide data storage in the form of network drives and MS SharePoint for administration and research groups.
    • Assist with video conferencing setup, video calling, and web conferencing.
    • Maintain teleconference phones in the conference rooms, and assist with audio conferencing testing and connection.
    • Assist with email setup and troubleshooting; and maintain and setup bulletin and distribution lists.
    • Install and maintain audio visual equipment in conference rooms, classrooms, and research labs; audio visual equipment can be requested to setup for meetings; and equipment is available for check-out.
    • Assistance with moving your server to the data center.
    • Recommend and purchase equipment.

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