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  • Academic Labs: remote access is available 365/24/7 from a web browser to connect to engineering software; The remote service has the option to start applications or connect to virtual computers for engineering, computer science, or AutoDesk. Walking labs are available at the Computer Science department, which has these labs; and the Electrical and Computer Engineering department has a Linux lab with 25 computers, and a Windows lab with 30 computers. Additional computers are available to any student with a valid MINERS user account around the campus at these locations.
  • Software: most of the engineering software is installed in the students' personal laptops and authenticating with the UTEP VPN or by assigning borrowing licenses. The software is deployed via a web link to download the software, with a DVD that is distributed in class or by taking the laptop to the ETC to get it installed by one of the technicians. The list of software available for the students is listed here. All the microsoft software is available to the students at no cost, including MS Office Professional, which is available here. Additional software is available to engineering students from the TSC as listed here.
  • Personal Laptop: your personal computer is checked for hardware problems, to remove viruses, install software, or reinstall the operating system at no cost in the Technology Support Center or the ETC; The ETC has 45 Windows laptops to check-out and the TSC has 60 Windows laptops, 10 Mac laptops, and 10 iPads for check-out. There are also laptop friendly areas available at the Engineering Complex and the Campus.
  • Printing: a download is available to configure your personal laptop to print to any printer on campus; additionally the students can print by uploading the file to a web browser or sending the file via email. You can print wirelessly on four printers available in the Engineering Complex Building located in areas accessible at anytime, or at one of many locations around the campus. The printing options are in double-sided, black/white, color, and/or as a poster.
  • Other: these services are also available to the students - storage, email, webconferncing, survey tool, conferences, and more services are found at the TSC.

Faculty, Staff, and Research
  • Engineering software is available for any UTEP owned computer in the college. The faculty, staff, and students can install Microsoft software in their personal computers. A survey tool is available at no cost. And, Mac OS,iLife, and iWork available for faculty staff work or home computers at no cost to them.
  • A new computer is available for every faculty and staff every three years.
  • long-term laptop check-out is available for full-time and part-time non-tenure faculty.
  • Data storage for individual use and to collaborate between administrative and/or research groups.
  • A Data center is available to store your server or cluster in a rack envionment. This resource includes a data port, power, and UPS at no cost.
  • Priority is given to engineering faculty to teach in the 10 classrooms at the Classroom building C201 to C205 and C301 to C305. All these classrooms have multimedia that includes a project, screen, desktop, and connection for a laptop. There are three classrooms with priority to Computer Science faculty in the Chemistry and Computer Science building, which also have multimedia equipment.
  • Seven conference rooms are available with projector, desktop, and conference phone. Video conferencing is available in conference room A129. These conference rooms can be setup with Blackboard collaborate or Skype.
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